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Convenience is a project inspired by my five years of working the 11pm to 7am shift at a 24-hour convenience store, Convenience is a series of vignettes– sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always insightful– that deal with the inner workings of a 24-hour, 365 days a year convenience store and the assorted people who walk through its doors.

I’m looking for artists interested in providing art for Convenience. Episodes range from two to three pages to short strips. Artists should be able to pencil, ink and letter their own work; color optional. I’m also looking for artists to draw character sketches, and other supporting material for Convenience. All artist gigs for Convenience are for no pay, but completed comics will be published on this blog and, and perhaps collected and self-published by me if I get enough material. I see this as an opportunity for aspiring artists to beef of their portfolio– a chance to collaborate with a writer on a finished product, which is a lot different than creating artwork based on your own ideas.

If you’re interested you can drop me a line at


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