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Psychosis is a 96-page graphic novel written by me and brought to life by a collection of talented professionals. Lou Manna provided pencils and inks, Kel Nuttall the lettering and A.J. Casperite the cover art. Kel Nuttall and Shelley Boudreau provided finishes to the graphic novel.

I finished writing Psychosis in early 2006, so it’s been more than a year since I last touched the script. Lou Manna answered an ad I had posted on, and I had Kel Nuttall signed on to the project shortly thereafter. He had been doing lettering chores on In Thor’s Eyes, my Viking and Norse mythology project that has been on hold for almost a year now, and I wanted to use him on Psychosis because I was very pleased with his work. A.J. Casperite came on much later, after the art was done and the lettering almost complete. Interestingly enough, I had noticed his work on-line quite a few months earlier and had flagged him as someone I’d like to talk to when it came time to find a cover artist for the graphic novel.

I wish I had started this blog when I started Psychosis because the journey of its creation would, I think, be good reading for any aspiring comics creator looking to assemble a creative team to produce of a project of their own making. It’s hard work, kids. For now, I’ll be focusing on writing about Psychosis as I shop it around to publishers, but I might go back and tell the story of its creation one day.

The latest news about Psychosis is that I’ve had confirmation from both Nuttall and Casperite that they’ve both received the payment I sent them via mail. That’s a small load off my mind as I now know all the bills have been settled. All the money out has been taken care of so now it’s time to start focusing on the money in– i.e. trying to get Psychosis published. I certainly don’t expect to make back my investment because I didn’t create this graphic novel with the intent of making money. When it comes to creative endeavours, some things just need to get finished and let loose into the world. If no publisher wants it I’ll self-publish it. I did some figuring and suspect I could sell at least twenty copies between family and friends, plus I’ll have a copy for my own shelf and as I get older and reflect back on my life I can look at that graphic novel and say ‘Hey, I created that”.



  1. David Camell says:

    That really IS inspiring! I found your blog by doing a search on “Louis Manna”. I am myself trying to start a project; I posted an ad and Louis answered it. We’ve yet to really communicate much, just him sending me a link to his website and me sending him the first few pages I wrote. Anyway, my intent is to publish small fragments/episodes within an online literary magazine that will also feature other beginner writers’ short stories; in other words, self-publish and build readership.

    Good luck with your endeavor! I’ll check back and hope to be buying Psychosis soon, because it sounds like a GREAT story!

  2. caperaway says:

    Thanks for the comment, David. Best of luck with your own project!

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