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Summary and Pages



The Dabb Asylum has been renovated to become the new student residence for a new State University built on its grounds.

Once a place to heal damaged minds, the former asylum is now helping shape minds of the future, but the Dabb’s halls and rooms are haunted with the memories of its patients. These intangible remnants of madness and despair are going to take hold of the Dabb’s new residents.

Enter Dabb House and you enter the dark places outside of reality. Bear witness to PSYCHOSIS.


With Psychosis, I wanted to create a story that was more psychological horror than “gore” horror. I wanted to get inside the minds of the readers and shake them up with both fictional and real world horror. The fictional comes from the psychological breakdown experienced by the students living in Dabb House and the acts they commit as a result. The real world horror comes from descriptions of what life was like in North American asylums through the 19th and 20th century. The deplorable conditions and barbaric treatments depicted in Psychosis are based on fact.

My own personal research into asylums of the 19th and 20th century disturbed me as a I learned about the treatments and the unfortunate souls who found themselves living within, individuals who were often wrongly committed by today’s standards. I felt the terrible emotions and memories created by the torment visited upon the patients would surely have soaked into the walls of the asylums, leaving unseen shadows of despair. It was from these thoughts the idea of Psychosis sprang.

Creative Team

Writer: Chad Boudreau
I’m a formal journalist who nonetheless continues to write, focusing currently on comic scripts, comic reviews and short fiction. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Pencils / Inks: Louis Manna
Lou Manna has been a professional artist for the past 25 years. His credits include The Legion of Super Heroes, All Star Squadron, World’s Finest, What Ifs, The Phantom and Soulcatcher.

Letters and Finishes: Kel Nuttall
Creator / writer of Nothingface, The Black Watch, Gladiatrix, he is also letterer on Trailer Park of Terror, Lost Squad, Pierce, and Furious Fists of The Drunken Monkey. Kel lives and works in North Pole, Alaska.

Cover: A.J. Casperite
A.J.Casperite works with traditional and digital media often combining the two to produce his moody textural images of monsters, robots and sexy women. He lives and works in Pennsylvania.


Explanation: Shown here is the cover art by A.J. Casperite; the first four pages of Psychosis, which comprise the prologue; the Chapter 1 bumper page that follows the prologue pages (Psychosis is broken into four chapters); and the back cover designed by A.J. Casperite and Kel Nuttall. Since Psychosis is a completed project, I can produce more finished pages upon request.

Click the images to see larger versions of the pages.


Psychosis Cover

Page 1.

Psychosis Page 1

Page 2.

Psychosis Page 2

Page 3.

Psychosis Page 3

Page 4.

Psychosis Page 4

Page 5.

Psychosis Page 5

Back Cover.

Psychosis Back Cover


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