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King’s Convenience typically has at least a half dozen employees on its schedule, a combination of full-time and part-time, with full-time employees typically being 25 or older, and high schoolers and university students filling the part-time positions. Convenience will– at least at the onset– focus on the backshift employees, specifically three guys, one of which is full-time Sunday to Thursday and the other two part-time Friday and Saturday. Narrowing the focus even further, the first tales out of the gate will involve the two weekend employees, Little Dave and Kevin. With that said, the full-time backshift employee will often visit King’s Convenience during the weekend backshifts because he keeps to the “sleep all day and up all night” schedule required to survive five backshifts a week.

Dave – Just Dave, never Big Dave or David even though the other Dave is referred to as Little Dave. Dave is a full-time employee, currently 31 years of age. Dave is a lifer in that he enjoys the job, the people he works with and the customers he interacts with on a regular basis, thus he is content to remain where he is with no aspirations for bigger and better. But don’t misjudge him as a slacker. He’s not a slacker. This is very important.

Dave is of middling height and of no noteworthy build other than to mention he does possess the beginnings of a belly. Dave shaves occassionally, but never wears a full beard or anything so trendy as a goatee or similar. His hair is mildly curly, thinning along the top and never fully combed and tidy though whether that is by choice or dictated by genetics the reader will never know. It is definitely genetics, however that are responsible for his snaggled teeth.

Dave’s wardrobe consists of battered blue and black jeans, tired sneakers, and a series of t-shirts, with the black ones featuring his favourite heavy metal and hard rock bands, the most prominent of which is Led Zepplin, and the occassional hockey jersey worn when he wants to incite controversy and engage in arguments with the patrons.  He’s also a fan of the black leather vest, though it should be noted it is never worn with a hockey jersey.

He fuels himself on cigarettes and four extra large Tim Horton’s coffees. He lives at home, but pays rent.

Little Dave -Short in stature, Little Dave is in his early twenties, half-heartedly attending university after a couple years of doing not much this side of high school graduation. Listless, directionless and yet determined to do something with his life even if he has not yet fully decided what that something is. His only discernable passion is comic books and video games, and later sex once he gets his first taste.

Dave’s attire consists of green army pants, tattered jeans, sneakers or jack boots, and a collection of short and long-sleeved shirts of no special note. His hair is cut short in the back, but worn long in the front, most often tucked back behind the ears or hidden beneath a non-descript ball cap worn backwards.

Kevin – Little Dave and Kevin are of the same age and share a history defined by shared school years. Kevin, however, is tall to Little Dave’s short, lanky but not awkward, slender but not waifish, lean but not muscled. He’s been at King’s Convenience for a number of years but has his eye on a different future post-university. The backshift gig is simply required to pay for school and keep his piece of shit car on the road. His hair is short yet wavvy at the top and front. He wears glasses. He keeps his interaction with the patrons to a  minimum relative to Dave and Little Dave, but he is far more the people watcher and contemplator. His clothes are tidy and comfortable. Drunk women in the store make him uneasy.

All contents © 2007 Chad Boudreau


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