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The Store


Convenience is set in a 24-hour convenience store. It’s called King’s Convenience because it exists on King’s Road, a major artery that traverses an area of our fictional city that is a bridge of sorts between the downtown / commerical district and the subburbs. King’s Convenience exists in a short strip mall, taking up the majority of the business space, with a local sub shop at one end, a small party supply store on its other side, and a fresh seafood shop finishing off the other end of the strip mall.

King’s Convenience is actually modelled after a real convenience store in Sydney, Nova Scotia where I worked backshift (11pm to 7am for more than five years– almost two years of high school and four years of university). When Convenience becomes immensely popular we don’t have to worry about fans finding and invading the real store to get their pictures taken in front of the infamous rack of porn mags because the store no longer exists.

The store was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, it was even open 24 hours on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And since it was the only convenience store (and probably only business) opened on these holidays it was always busy on those days. It should be noted this was a store owned and operated locally. It was not part of a chain of stores like Macs or Needs, which meant employees didn’t need to wear uniforms, and the owner and manager were able to do whatever they wanted in terms of how the business was run and how employees were hired, fired and managed.

It was a large convenience store, with a varied stock, but some of its core offerings were as follows: cigarettes (priced higher than most places in town, which pissed some customers off, but then again at 3:00AM your options are limited), bread, milk, chips and snacks (its two-for-one chocolate bar bin was almost as legendary as its magazine rack), magazines (largest selection of porno and non-porno in the city), pop and other cold drinks, ready-made pizza burgers (very popular after the local bars closed), movie rentals (including adult material), and popcorn (made fresh each day). The store was then rounded out with all manner of lesser purchased but still stocked items like canned food, greeting cards, medicine, comics (on a spin rack), condoms, film, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The majority of these, with the exception of the comics (which were changed weekly) and the condoms (which were hot sellers on weekends) were sun bleached and covered in a perceptable layer of dust.

It is my hope the store itself becomes a defining character in Convenience.

All contents © 2007 Chad Boudreau


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