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Character Sketches


To date, I’ve written a couple scripts that will be used as pieces of the tapestry that is ultimately Special Edition. One of those scripts inspired creator / artist 3’LL to create some sketches of characters I helped create. I’m not going to provide much insight into who these characters are or what role they play in Special Edition because I don’t want to reveal too much of the overall project, but I wanted to post these character designs here because I think they’re slick. Also, as a writer, it’s fascinating and exciting to know these sketches will eventually become finished character designs, which will then be used in the creation of the comic pages based on my script. That’s what I really love about comics– the collaborative process that is required to create the finished project. I love to see things take shape.

The Captain
The Captain although 3’LL suggested an alternative name: Commodore.

The Skid
The Skid. Interestingly enough I envisioned The Skid as a tightly muscled wisp of a dude, and not the big lunk seen here. With that said, with the addition of some crazily spiked hair this character sketch would be a good fit for Rooster. I suggested as much to 3’LL when I saw this sketch. We’ll see how it all shakes out, and you’ll likely see the end results on this here blog at a later date.

Apparently, 3’LL took a liking to Numbers too because he took the effort to render her completely. I’m quite fond of her myself. The glasses were added after the fact at my request. 3’LL had this great idea of her wearing a necklace of teeth. The teeth are those of her former boss back when she was an accountant. You can’t quite make out the detail of the necklace in the smaller version I’ve pasted here, which is why I mention it. Anyway, it’s a very sinister idea that I felt worked well for the character. Once again, there’s that collaborative process I love so much.


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