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The Dig


This is a comic script I originally wrote in 2005. I submitted it for consideration in a horror anthology being put together by a smaller publisher. I didn’t receive a reply.

The Dig sat on the shelf for a number of months, but I eventually knocked the dust off it and reworked it based on some of things I learned about writing comic scripts during Psychosis. I had put too many panels on a page during the later action sequences, so I moved panels to additional pages, and generally tightened up the storytelling.

Feeling good about the script once again, I looked around for an artist who might want to draw it and together we’d submit it to another anthology I had found. That idea didn’t go anywhere, though I did hook up with a good artist and we’re kind of working on something else entirely. (More on that later at this here blog if we get anything off the ground.)

I made one last play with The Dig last month. I submitted it to yet another smaller publisher looking to publish an anthology. I didn’t receive a reply.

I’m still proud of The Dig. It’s a straight up horror tale laced with good ole fashioned gore. It’s bare bones storytelling, but with an artist who can portray the messy bits and provide a thick atmosphere of dread I think it would be a short, yet solid tale of horror. With that said, I’m not going to shop it around anymore, and so I make it available here as an another example of my comic script writing. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to read The Dig


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