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Arrrggg! More Pirate Sketches, Me Matey!


I re-wrote “the pirate script”, which is part of 3’LL’s Special Edition. When I first wrote the script it was mostly just dialogue. 3’LL gave me the heads up last week that he would be starting on additional character sketeches and then working on the story itself in the near future, so I re-wrote the script as an actual comic script. I am very proud of the it and found myself laughing once again at the antics of the characters even though I’ve read the script a couple dozen times now.

True to his word, 3’LL did some more character sketches. There are two I’d like to share.

Rooster from Special Edition

This first sketch is Rooster. 3’LL had already shared with me a general look and feel of the pirates. They would be a combination of urban streetwear and romanticized pirate garb. Knowing 3’LL had a particular look in mind, I didn’t spend too much time describing the pirates in detail in terms of their clothing, features and weaponry. Instead, I used descriptive names to suggest to 3’LL how those characters should appear. For Rooster, for instance, 3’LL interpreted the name as this thin fellow with a red mohawk.

Greasy Jesus

This is a rough sketch of Greasy Jesus. 3’LL has this guy bang on. He’s thin and maniacal. I love the pointy nose and the wide mouth. And even though this is a rough sketch you can tell this dude is going to be greasy. I like the fine touches already apparent– the tattoo, the weaponry and the rat, the latter of which is a also a character from the script I wrote.


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