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For the New Year


The office closed at 3pm today. Today was my first day back since December 24 and while I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to going back because my time off was so enjoyable I will also admit that once I sat down at my desk and fired up the computer I was ready to go. There weren’t a lot of people working today so I was productive and as such I feel I will be even more prepared when it’s time to enter the regular work day routine come January 2.

I got home around 3:30 and now find myself in a limbo. The time between when work ended and when the New Year’s Eve party begins is too short to watch a movie and too long to have a nap. It’s too early to get ready, and it’s too late in the day to go anywhere because a lot of the city is shutting down. I have to do something though or I’ll go stir crazy. I don’t do well in these limbo periods. I get restless. To keep my mind and body occupied, I find myself speculating on what 2008 might hold for me in terms of my writing and collaborative projects.

Speculations for 2008:

  1. I will sell a copy of Psychosis. To date, the only issue I’ve sold is the “preview” copy I purchased. Releasing Psychosis for sale online around the holiday season probably wasn’t the best sense of timing since friends, family and acquaintances will have already shelled out considerable dough on Christmas gifts. Oh well, what can I say? I was excited and anxious to get it out there.I will further divide this into the following:
    1. I will sell a copy online to a complete stranger.
    2. I will sell print copies to friends, family and strangers. I’d love to sell 100 copies, but I am pessimistically hoping for 25.
    3. I will see Psychosis on the racks at ComicReaders.
  2. Special Edition will be published online. 3’LL plans to release the first Special Edition stories (including the pirate story I wrote) online in 2008. I believe this is definitely going to happen because so much has been completed in 2007 in terms of artwork. I also strongly believe the response to Special Edition will be strong. 3’LL’s artwork is fantastic, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for some positive feedback on the comedy in my pirate script.
  3. 3’LL and I will collaborate on a project of my making. I’ve shared some ideas with 3’LL and he likes them and wants to collaborate, but it’s up to me to make those ideas into scripts he can develop into kick ass pages.
  4. I will pitch a story idea to Tony Casperite. He did the awesome covers for Psychosis, and I’ve been keeping in touch with him and keeping an eye on his online portfolios. His work is stellar. I’ve got an idea I think would be perfect for his style of art. It’s a one-shot. It’s plotted and I think it’s solid, but I’ve got to develop the balls to sit down, write the script and pitch it to Tony. I’d love for this to happen. If we actually did it and it was successful, it could lead into a series of stand alone one-shots that are all a part of a larger mythos.
  5. I will publish some short fiction. The main reason I switched from writing short fiction to comic scripts is because I thought it would an easier form of writing. Man, was I ever wrong. The good news is that I’ve enjoyed and have fallen in love with the challenge of writing comic scripts and the bigger challenge of creating comics. With that said, I need to fatten up and diversify my portfolio and to do so I’d like to do more short fiction writing in 2008, with the intent to get some works published. I think the skills I’ve learned in writing comic scripts will help me achieve this.
  6. I will branch out. This is related to some of the preceding items, but basically in 2008 I want to expand my writing horizons. I want more diversity in my portfolio in terms of the people I collaborate with and the publications for which I write. I also want to achieve more diversity in the writing I do for myself– for example, keep more active on this here blog and my recently created account.

All in all, I don’t think these are lofty aspirations. These aren’t pipe dreams. I think they are attainable. This is easy to say as 2007 is poised to come to an end, and perhaps when 2008 is well underway I’ll look back at this post and chastise myself for my dreamy optimism, but for now I’m content and comfortable to aspire to such things.


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