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First Sale!


I looked into my account today and lo and behold someone bought Psychosis.

The “units sold” information on is always one week behind the current date and I can’t learn any details about the sale such as who bought the book, but I believe the sale happened on December 27. I also strongly suspect the person who bought the first copy was my good friend, Jeff. I think this because I exchanged emails with him over the holidays and he had said he would likely purchase the download version of Psychosis and that is the version that was bought.

So, Jeff, thanks for the support and thanks for being the first! If it wasn’t Jeff then thanks goes out to the unnamed purchaser.



  1. Jeff says:

    Hmm, if the updates are a week old then I can’t take the credit. I bought mine this morning. So maybe you have two sales!

  2. caperaway says:

    Perhaps, perhaps, unless I’m reading my reports wrong!

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