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In the Shop


My ten issues of Psychosis arrived on Wednesday, February 20. You might recall my disappointment at the quality of the preview copy I ordered months ago. The state of that particular copy (which sits on a shelf in my home) was one of the reasons why I was reluctant to order more and make it available in local comic shops. I eventually bit the bullet and basically just said “fuck it and do it”, and ordered the ten copies I wrote about earlier.

Anyway, the box arrived and I cut into it. As soon as I saw the cover of the first book in the stack I realized something was different. Closer inspection revealed the truth. The cover was on straight, the spine was perfect, and as I flipped through the pages it became apparent much of the problems with the blacks had been corrected. The blacks and greys popped and the whites were truly white. Since I was working from the same source files used for my preview copy, I can only assume that in ordering multiple copies spent more time putting together and printing the finished product, which is why these versions were so much better in quality. I was very pleased. Kudos and big thanks to the folks at

By the end of the work day I had sold five copies to co-workers with a few others interested but not having money on hand. After supper with much eagerness, I headed to the south end ComicReaders and handed the five remaining issues to Shane who was working that evening. My two year-old son was with me and I took great pride in seeing my graphic novel sitting on the “New Releases” shelf and being able to tell him that those are daddy’s books. He got mildly upset when he realized I was leaving them behind. He seemed to think if they were my books that they should be coming home with us. I explained that I was leaving them behind so people could buy them and read them. He seemed to understand that because his mood improved.

Shane dropped me an email Thursday evening to say he sold two copies earlier that day. That leaves three. I suspect they too will be sold because there are some regulars that said they’d pick up copies. It’s great to have support from such friends and acquaintances.


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