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Free Comic Book Day promo



I received 50 new copies of my graphic novel earlier this week. I have a couple dozen pre-sold and the rest are for Free Comic Book Day, which is Saturday, May 3, 2008. I’ll be at the two ComicReaders locations in Regina, Saskatchewan, selling and signing copies. I’ll be at the south location in the morning and the downtown location in the afternoon. I look forward to it.

I went to the south location today and set up for this promotional picture for the event. I also left a handful of copies behind. Those will go onto the rack and will be available for sale immediately.

In related news, Josh Wigler, a fellow writer working on the Special Edition project, purchased a download version of my graphic novel the other day. I thanked him heartily for his support, to which he replied: “We’re all in this together man.  If we’re not going to watch each other’s backs, who will?” I thought that was a very true and honest sentiment.


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