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More Employees


I’ve given up on finding artists interested in bringing Convenience to life in sequential storytelling format. I don’t think there’s enough in these stories to catch an artist’s attention. Stories about a bunch of workers and customers at a convenience store isn’t as sexy as superheroes, horror, action, and adventure. These Convenience stories might make good comics, but they’re the kind of comics you’ve got to draw yourself, and, well, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. The characters and story ideas won’t stop knocking around in my head though so I’m going to put them down in prose format. First up, more characters.

Lanis – She’s a tall woman in her late twenties. She’d be even taller if she stood straight, but four years of being a tall woman behind a low counter, working a cash register, counting change and bagging purchased goods has put a permanent roundness in her shoulders. She’s a blond, a real blond, and typically wears her hair in an uninteresting cascade. Possessing little natural beauty, wearing loose fitting clothing and a dour expression, Lanis is an asexual being when at the convenience store. After hours, she’ll dress up, dabble in face paint and is, in general, a far more affable person. She likes cigarettes, scratch tickets and reality TV.

Greg – The manager, but not the owner, Greg works every weekday from 7am to 3pm. He’s creeping up on the 40 year threshold, but bad habits (smoking, drinking, drugging, wanton humping) have aged him. He sports a beer belly of considerable size, and is cursed with a sloppily receding hairline that he attempts to hide with creative hair combing. He sings in a local cover band, a gig that provides him with ample amounts of the two things he likes most: Dirty women and alcohol. He has a wife and a son. He doesn’t like them very much.


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