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Frankie and Matt


Frankie and Matt are two teenage boys that frequent King’s Convenience. They stop by during their school lunch break, on their way home from school, sometimes in the evenings after supper, and even in the wee hours of the weekend night shift.

The two boys are the most unlikely of friends. Frankie is short and slovenly, awkward and yet kind-hearted and friendly. Matt is taller and slender, with blond hair, blue eyes, good looks and a trendy haircut and clothing that should make him popular in high school, but he suffers from peer imposed exile due to his erratic and sometimes violent behavior.

Frankie’s kind ways occasionally have a positive, calming effect on Matt, providing glimpses of the better person Matt could be. The reverse is also true: Frankie sometimes gets influenced by Matt’s mischievousness and self-destructiveness.

Both boys have found solace and companionship at the convenience store.


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