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Psychosis signing


I was at both ComicReaders locations in Regina, Saskatchewan on Saturday, May 3 to sell and sign copies of my graphic novel, Psychosis. I was at the south location in the morning and the downtown location in the afternoon. I sold 26 copies, met some great people and was offered many encouraging words and general support. It truly was a memorable day.

The first sale occurred just a couple minutes after the door was opened at 10am. The individual who bought the copy was kind enough to allow me to snap a photo of the occasion. Visitors to the store and sales of my graphic novel were steady. There was a lot of interest in Free Comic Book Day, with a good number of dads, moms or both coming into the shop with their young kids, but also a lot of regulars checking out the free books and picking up their file comics.

Perhaps the most exciting occurence of the day was meeting a University of Regina professor that will be teaching a class about world comics in the upcoming semester. He asked me a lot of questions about my graphic novel and the process of creating it. Near what would become the end of our conversation he asked if I would be interested in speaking to his students. I said I would be honored and provided him with my contact information. The visit will probably occur in the Fall.

Related to comics in schools, earlier that week a teacher / librarian from a local high school contacted me and asked if I would be interested in speaking to a couple of grade 10 classes about comics writing. I expressed my interest. She’ll be in touch with me again in the future. The school visit will occur some time next year.


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