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A general update regarding a farewell and stress


It seems I’m always writing “it’s been a while since my last post” but unfortunately my life has been in a fair bit of turmoil since mid-April. The result has been less writing of comic scripts, short fiction, reviews and blog entries.

The two biggest disturbances were the illness and recent death of a good friend, and increased stresses at work. I don’t want to discuss either in detail here. This blog isn’t intended to be a personal, public diary. Its dual purpose is to be a chronicle of my adventures in writing and a portfolio for my writing. I only mention these two life events here because they have impacted my writing.

I often hear of writers channeling stress and sadness (and other turbulent emotions) into creative projects but I’m not wired that way. Stress and sadness, in particular, knock the creativity right out of me. I focus my efforts on dealing with those emotions, and dealing, for me, doesn’t include writing. I’ve been busy with this sort of emotional wrangling since the end of April. I have recently, however, said good-bye to my dear, departed friend at her memorial service, and stresses at work have lightened due to some positive changes. As such, I can feel my vigor for writing increasing. I have two short fiction projects on hold and a couple comics related items on the go so now it is just a matter of picking a project to finish and attacking it.


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