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Equal partners


In the latter days of August, I expressed interest in and was eventually given admittance to a project that was the brainchild of Vancouver based writer, letterer and filmmaker Ed Brisson. He had posted an ad on, looking for a writer interested in working with him as a partner on the development of an anthology of crime comics. He and the writer would be equal partners on the venture, each hiring his own artist, and each ponying up equal money to cover printing costs.

This was something that appealed to me for several reasons. 1. Crime and criminals in all forms of fiction and non-fiction are of an interest to me. 2. Ed was a fellow Canadian. 3. He was looking for an equal partner. 4. Reviewing his Web site showed he had a track record for quality work and finishing what he started.

When Ed got in touch it was to say that he had found the partner he was looking for but that he would be willing to take on a second partner if I was still interested after having read the additional information he provided me. I was indeed interested, explained further why I was, and proceeded to wait anxiously for his next reply.

He got back to me promptly to say he had talked to his partner, Dino Caruso, and that both agreed to give me a spot. So, I was in, and was elated to be. I received the good news on August 21.


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