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Artist Search


The research was complete. The notes had been made. The script was written. What had once only been an idea had become a fully realized story. It was time to find an artist.

Ed Brisson had taken the initiative and posted an ad on and, expressing our interest in finding artists to illustrate our stories. He set up a gmail account and we had access to it so we could check out the work of the respondents. The ad was posted on September 6 and the first responses came in that same day.

In all, 82 artists responded to our ad. Plus, we had three others on our list, folks Ed knew or had found in the early days of our project.

We whittled this large list down to those we liked best. Our short list was comprised of 13 talented individuals: Ming Doyle, Jhomar Soriano, Simone Guglielmini, Manuel Martin, Tigh Walker, Lisandro Estherren, Manoel Magalhães, Adrián Bago González, Seth Frail, Matias San Juan, Pablo Peppino, Rowel Roque and Julio Azamor.

For “The Three Princes” I further reduced that list to three candidates. After further consideration and a pencilled and inked test page, I offered the job to Manoel Magalhães. He accepted. That was October 1.


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