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Bump in the road


For almost a month work on The Three Princes was going very well. Manoel was sending me a new page of rough layouts almost every day. I would have feedback to send but overall the pages were fantastic. Manoel and I got into a good rhythm.

Then the economy started to go to shit and the Canadian dollar started to plummet in value.

This affects a project like The Three Princes because Manoel is being paid for his work. As stated in my post about the terms of our agreement, I was going to pay Manoel in US dollars. We had come to these terms at a time when the Canadian dollar was almost on par with the American dollar. As of last week, however, the Canadian dollar was worth about .77 of an American dollar. I’m not going to go into specifics, but the weak Canadian dollar meant I would be paying approximately an additional $250 Canadian.

I started to panic. I had a budget for The Three Princes, a budget that included dollars for my share of the printing costs and my share of the cover artist cost. All of these costs were now on the rise. Where the heck was I going to find the extra money!?

I contacted Manoel and was honest with him about the financial situation. He was very understanding. (Manoel is a professional and I say again that I am honored to be working with him.) We agreed to put The Three Princes on hold until I could figure a few things out.

1. I have to check in with the collaborators on the crime comics anthology, Ed Brisson and Dino Caruso. I have to make sure the anthology is still a go.

2. If it isn’t a go because of financial reasons, Manoel and I agreed we would complete at least five pages of The Three Princes and shop it around to publishers.

3. If the anthology is still a go, Manoel and I would renegotiate our terms. The new payment terms would be in Canadian dollars, which would give me a set budget.

I am hopeful the anthology and The Three Princes will continue but my story has been on hold for about a week now.


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