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Special Edition Begins


Almost two years ago, I answered an online ad from an artist looking for some writers to help bring his comics vision to life. I am happy to say after much hard work, frustration, excitement, fear, self doubt and joy that Special Edition has begun. Head on over to and check out the comics that have already been posted. The story begins with “The Ol’ Nickelodeon” and then there is a brief interlude for some Slit, The Living Voodoo Doll comics. This is followed by “Hero For The Ages”, which is being serialized over a period of weeks.

Please visit and sign-up for the RSS, or at least make an effort to check in from time to time. If you poke around a bit, you’ll find a blog post from me in which I talk about how I got the gig as one of the writers. (You can find it here.) Also, stay tuned because a serialized work of short fiction written by me will be published on the Web site soon. It is an introduction to one of the gangs that inhabit 3!LL’s crazy world. It’s a gang of landlocked pirates. The writing is witty and zany, with colorful characters that will play an integral role in the overall tale.

I’ve got two comic scripts in the can for Special Edition, but the actual comics are coming in the near future. We’re working on a schedule, with multiple story-lines being released in a precise order so that slowly the tapestry is finished.

If you like good comics you’re bound to like Special Edition. It makes its own gravy, and if you don’t like it, we’ll eat it.


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