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The Artwork is Finished


Manoel Magalhães sent me the last page of The Three Princes earlier this week. As you may recall, Manoel has been drawing the pages out of sequence. The final page he sent me was, in fact, page 19, which is just past the halfway point in the thirty page story. The arrival of this page means the artwork for The Three Princesis finished. All thirty pages have been pencilled and inked by Manoel.

I zipped the thirty pages of artwork and sent them via to Ed Brisson, who is doing the lettering. He’s currently working on a client project so he will get started on The Three Princes in early to mid April.

Here is panel 4 from Page 19 of The Three Princes. This character is Paddy Duke. Who he is and why he has a gun I am not going to say. You will have to read the comic when it is available.

Artwork by Manoel Magalhães

Artwork by Manoel Magalhães


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