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I am very excited to announce I have been hired to write the first issue of Black Salt, a martial arts and action comic based on the screenplay by the same name.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I was hired is more like it. I was hired in February and have already wrote the script, revised the script, had the script approved and received payment. I would have made this announcement earlier but I wanted to wait until my script was finished, and I wanted to get permission to talk about the project from Owen Ratliff, the brains behind the Black Salt franchise.

Owen’s Ratti Entertainment Inc. has been working on the Black Salt intellectual property for the past five years. The franchise includes, but is not be limited to, an apparel line, comic books, trading cards, toys, animated series, video games and feature film trilogy.

An excerpt from my approved script for issue #1 has been distributed to a handful of artists Owen has selected for his short-list of potential illustrators. The artists were asked to draw one of the pages from the script. JC Grande turned in his finished page earlier this week and I quite like it. Perhaps I will be able to post the test pages on this here blog when the artists have finished them.

Owen is also looking for a colorist, and has a handful queued up to color a test page. The project also needs a letterer, but it looks like Ed Brisson got the job based on a recommendation from me. I also heard from Manoel Magalhães this week and it turns out he had responded to Owen’s ad for artists. (Manoel recognized my name on the script!) Owen liked his work and asked him to do a test page, but Manoel isn’t sure if he was going to or not. Manoel said his style of artwork might not fit the story.

That’s all the news I have about this project for now. I’ll keep you informed as it progresses.


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  1. Dino Caruso says:

    Congratulations Chad! Great news. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. Keep us updated…


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