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Black Salt: The Team


As mentioned in an earlier post, I was hired to write the first issue of Black Salt, a martial arts / action comic adapted from the motion picture screenplay of the same name. A couple days ago, the artist providing pencils and inks sent the creative team the rough layouts of the first five pages. I am not going to be able to show artwork in progress on this project, but I can introduce you to the rest of the creative team.

Owen Ratliff: He has been developing the Black Salt intellectual property for the last five years, including movie, video game, comic and animated TV show. He and his writing partner wrote the screenplay I adapted into Black Salt  #1.

Deon Nuckols: Deon is a comics writer and artist with an impressive body of work that includes projects for Marvel, Image Comics, Penny Farthing Press, and others. He was also an art director in the entertainment department of Hasbro, and later started his own company specializing in commercial graphics, family entertainment and conceptual designs. On Black Salt, he is Creative Director, which means he keeps the rest of us mugs in line!

J.C. Grande: In recent news, J.C. is the artist on Johnny Monster, a 3-issue miniseries published by Image Comics, but he has other projects under his belt, and is, in my opinion, an artist on the rise. His character sketches and first five pages of Black Salt have been fantastic. His art is making the creative team very excited about this project.

Ed Brisson: A man that has been mentioned on my blog many times, Ed is a letterer and a fellow Canuck. He and I worked together on the crime comics anthology in which The Three Princes will appear. I recommended Ed for the Black Salt job, but it was his talent that landed him the gig.

Santosh Kumar Rath: I have to admit I do not know much about the colorist, but I have seen his work and it is very good.

As mentioned, I won’t be able to show artwork in progress, but this project is moving forward at a good clip so I suspect it won’t be too long before you’re able to see the finished artwork in the published Black Salt #1!


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