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Black Salt: Tremendous Progress


I have a number of exciting things to tell you about, but will start with a progress report on Black Salt, a project that could very well be one with a large profile should everything fall into place the way creator Owen Ratliff hopes.

Artist J.C. Grande has turned in a half dozen pages and two covers in less than a month. Some are pencilled and inked, some are in the proofing stage, but nonetheless J.C. is working his ass off. The danger of working on such a tight schedule is that quality gets sacrificed, but that is not the case with J.C. He has risen to the challenge and has created some very impressive artwork. Everyone on the team is cheering him on, thoroughly impressed by his craft.

Santosh, the colorist, turned in his first colored page and it was a stunner too. Deon made some suggestions– small but effective additions of shadows– which proved to me that coloring a comic is as detailed and thoughtful a process as drawing. I also learned a great deal about cover art by following the feedback passing between J.C. and Deon. I thought I learned a lot during the making of Psychosis and The Three Princes, but I learn something new each time an email from one of the creative team lands in my inbox.

I wish I could share with you the artwork in progress and the notes passed between J.C., Deon and other members of the team, but this project is a lot more hush hush than the other works with which I have been involved. I am saving all the sketches and notes though. They would make great material for the back pages of a trade paperback!


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