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Cutter’s Reward

Rough sketch by Steve Smith for Cutter's Reward

Rough sketch by Steve Smith for Cutter's Reward

Cutter’s Reward  is a five-page comic script I wrote for a script writing contest on a couple years ago. I won the contest with the script. It has been available on my blog as an example of my script writing for almost a year, and it had been about that long since I had read it. In going through some computer files recently I came across the script, gave it a read and really enjoyed it. I immediately went to and posted an ad, looking for an artist interested in drawing the tale.

I narrowed the responding artists down to three candidates: Steve Smith, Wes Bernick and Adam Sward. It was a tough decision but I offered the gig to Steve Smith because his style best matched what I had envisioned for the tale. This was in April 2009.

Yesterday, he sent me finished artwork for Cutter’s Reward, which we expanded to six pages to make for a more visually dramatic ending. I sent him my feedback today, the majority of which was about changes to the lettering and not the artwork. I suspect within a week or less this short tale will be finished and ready to send out to the publisher I have in mind: Hamtramck Idea Men. They publish a themed collection of comic stories every second month. I think Cutter’s Reward would be a good addition to their Halloween 2009 issue, which is published in October.

I will keep you informed of our progress.


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