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The Pirates are coming


If you are familiar with my blog and my work then you know I am one of three writers working with artist 3!LL on his epic and magnificent comics opus, the first three installments of which can be read at (I have also recently added to the right-hand column of my blog handy-dandy links that will take you directly to the Web comics.) Furthermore, you know my writing in that project focuses on the gangs that populate the Tax Free Zone, one of which is a band of Pirates. Indeed, you can read a serialized short fiction I wrote featuring those Pirates on And if you are a true fan or creepy ass stalker you might even recall that I wrote a comic script more than a year ago featuring those same Pirates, and that the pencils and inks for that comic have been completed for almost as long.

I am happy to report the Pirates comic is next on the development slate. With the completion of the vignette “Lethal Injection“, 3!LL is shifting focus to “Ghost of The Skid”. He has started coloring the pages. Letters will soon follow. And then it will be serialized on over a period of weeks. I will certainly let you know when the first finished page has been posted but to get you excited take a look at the preview image below.

Art by 3!LL. Written by Chad Boudreau.

Art by 3!LL. Written by Chad Boudreau.


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