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Black Salt press release


blacksaltWhat a way to start the morning! I opened up my email and there was a message from Owen Ratliff, creator of Black Salt. The message directed me to a Web site where a press release about Black Salt had been posted. The press release is from Blackline Comics, telling the comics reading world it will be publishing Black Salt #1 this fall.

This press release is exciting for a few reasons: First, it means Black Salt does indeed have a home. Second, it tells when Black Salt #1will be published. Third, it reveals one version of the cover art. Fourth and lastly, this is the first professional industry press release in which I am a named participant. Needless to say I was grinning like a loon for the remainder of the morning.

The press release was posted on and you can read it there, but I have posted it below as well.

One of our latest acquisitions, Black Salt is a multi-media project in development by Ratti Entertainment Inc. out of Columbus, Ohio. Owen Ratliff, President of Ratti, has created the Black Salt property as an action-packed thriller merging the dark world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the even darker world of the ancient, forbidden martial arts of the Shaolin Temple. The Black Salt franchise consists of a motion picture screenplay, a cartoon series, an apparel line, a video game and a comic book series, entitled Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left, currently all in development. Through exclusive arrangement, Blackline Comics will be publishing the Black Salt comic beginning in the fall, as created by writer Chad Boudreau (adapting Owen Ratliff’s screenplay), with artwork by J.C. Grande and colors by Santosh Kumar Rath. For more information about the Black Salt franchise, please visit


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