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A quick update this evening to let you know Cutter’s Reward has been approved by Hamtramck Idea Men for inclusion in an upcoming issue of If-X. The latest lettering changes made were a success. I was also told Cutter’s Reward would likely appear in the Halloween 2009 edition of the publication, which goes to print in October.

Cutter’s Reward is a six-page horror / Western written by me and drawn and lettered by Steve Smith.

I had thought Black Salt #1 would be my first published print comic, but delays in that production likely means Cutter’s Reward will be my first. My previous works were either self-published (Psychosis) or published online (Ghost of the Skid).



  1. Jeff says:

    Congrats but if you write the words you should have the balls to letter them too! What a cop-out.

  2. caperaway says:

    Ha! Too funny, Jeff. I have no art skills, not even drawing letters and word balloons. Strange that someone with no artistic sense would be drawn to make comics, huh? I love the collaboration though, and Steve Smith was fantastic.

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