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Cutter’s Reward due out in September


Michael Marcus of the Hamtramck Idea Men contacted me recently to say they are planning to release the Halloween edition of IF-X in September. The idea is to build up interest leading into October and up to Halloween. As such, he asked for some biographical information to be included in the edition, which I happily provided. As you may recall, a short comic I wrote, Cutter’s Reward, will be appearing in this particular edition of IF-X.

He also mentioned there was advertising space available in the issue. I asked some questions and decided to purchase a 1/4 ad for Psychosis and a 1/8 ad for 3!LL and I are always looking for new ways to get additional eyeballs on, and my hope with Psychosis is that the ad will help me reach the 100 issues sold mark. I’ve sold 76 copies to date. 24 more to go! I think I can do it. To that end, if you’ve not yet picked up your copy head on over to


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