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Black Salt #2 has begun

A rough sketch of the cover for <em>Black Salt #2</em>. Art by J.C. Grande.

A rough sketch of the cover for Black Salt #2. Art by J.C. Grande.

I heard from Owen Ratliff a couple weeks ago that Black Salt #1 had gone to pre-press. That means the artwork, colors and lettering had been completed and the book was being prepared for printing. Blackline Comics is still marketing Black Salt #1 as a Fall 2009 release though I heard recently they weren’t going to release issue #1 until issue #2 was halfway complete. That way there isn’t a long wait between issues.

I can’t argue against that logic if that is indeed the case. I’d like to see Black Salt issues published on a regular schedule– a new issue each month or every second month. Blackline feels the same way. They have outlined a schedule for the production of Black Salt #2. If all goes according to plan, Black Salt #2 will be completed in six weeks!

The first steps in that process have already taken place. Artist J.C. Grande worked on and finalized the cover art for issue #2 while the colorist and letterer were wrapping up issue #1. I started the script for issue #2 before I went on holidays in August. Once I returned and was settled I picked it up again. I turned in my third draft this evening. The latest set of revisions was a small one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the script was approved.

I suspect later this week or early next week, J.C. Grande will start working on character sketches and rough pages for issue #2. As always, keep an eye on my blog for production updates.


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