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“Friday, 3 AM” gets a positive fan review


My short story “Friday, 3 AM”, which appears in issue #9 of A Thousand Faces has received a positive review from a long-time fan of the superhero anthology. PaulMc shared his thoughts on the A Thousand Faces forum:

“I’ve read quite a few emergence stories over the years since I first discovered the superhero fiction and they’re usually an interesting read. This tale was all the more interesting because it wasn’t so much an emergence story as and acceptance story. This was an interesting angle, especially from the point of view of someone who loves the whole superpower idea: how could you not accept or enjoy such abilities? Well, Chad Boudreau gave me a good answer to that: it’s a hell of a lot to live up to, especially if others have done well before you.  The other aspect to the story that I enjoyed was the action scene in the store; there was a real sense of anticipation and silence before everything happened.”

I replied to his post, thanking him for the great feedback.

Not yet read “Friday, 3 AM”? You can check it out here at A Thousand Faces. (Update: January 1, 2012. A Thousand Faces is no longer active and thus “Friday, 3 AM” is no longer available online.)


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