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Whatever happened to The Three Princes?


Near the end of August 2008, I became involved in a crime comics anthology project. My comic that would appear in the anthology was The Three Princes, the creation of which has been covered extensively within my blog. The last post on the topic was March 15, 2009 in which I stated the artwork had been completed.

I was very excited about the project and very fond of the story I had written, which was then illustrated expertly by Manoel Magalhães. You might think the lack of updates means the project is dead, but it actually is still very much a reality.

The Three Princes is one of four stories that will appear in the anthology. It was also the first to be completed. Artwork on two of the remaining three stories was completed this summer and the final story’s artwork should be wrapped up before winter sets in. All of us involved are still very excited about the project. We had hoped to have the anthology published before the end of 2009, but it is looking more likely that it will be an early 2010 release. I can also say we originally intended to self-publish the anthology but due to the quality of the finished material we are now looking for a publisher.

I am sure I will have further updates in the near future.


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  1. Dino Caruso says:

    Great post…I’m so excited about moving forward with this project…

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