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Bohemian Zen Season 2 begins


With 52-pages of Special Edition excellence collected and now available in print form, we now turn our collective minds to the second season of comics and short fiction that shall appear on After a month hiatus to work on other projects, 3!LL and his writers are back and hard at it. Here is the line up, all of which features artwork, colors and letters by 3!LL:

– The introduction to “The Bell Hill Beast”, featuring Frank Balon, as written by Chad Boudreau.

– “The Bathroom Attendant”, a violent 10-page yarn from Josh Wigler.

– The much-anticipated 14-page origin of Spax Dexler, one of the costumed do-gooders featured in “Hero for the Ages”. Mike Colbert is the writer.

– The main feature in Season 2 is “The Bell Hill Beast”, one of Frank Balon’s early adventures. This tale is set in the past, a time before Frank had his dead man’s eyes and prior to him meeting Ogar.

– Chad Boudreau goes to a dark place with an as-yet untitled episode that introduces The Romantics, the most ruthless and vilest gang in the Special Edition universe.

– The much delayed continuation and conclusion to “When Rodney Met Dickie”, a short fiction. The first installment was published in July 2009.

The comics mentioned above will be published online at as pages are completed. The finished material will then be collected in a print edition in the summer of 2010.


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