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My Goon script


A few months ago, Viper Comics held a talent contest for artists and writers. The winners would be given the opportunity to work together on a Web comic for Viper Comics.

Writers had to submit a five-page script. It had to tell a complete story. It had to feature characters that already existed in comic-dom. That is, Viper Comics would not accept contest entries featuring original characters.

I entered. I figured this would be a chance for many writers to write about their favorite superheroes so I decided to stay away from heroes and villains from DC and Marvel. I also knew I wanted to write something funny. After some deliberation I selected Eric Powell’s The Goon.

For a plot device I turned to my teenage years. Near the home where I lived in Cape Breton was a large culvert through which ran a sizeable brook. A good friend of mine had a fear of Yeti and so he and I and a couple other friends concocted this neighbourhood mythology involving Yeti that lived in the culvert. We referred to them as “Culvert Yeti”. Yeti such as these are featured in my script.

For your enjoyment, I have decided to post my script. You can read it here.  I hope you enjoy it.

Alas, I did not win the contest. Reading the script again, I think I crammed too many panels on some of the pages, with too much dialogue in a few of the panels. Still, I enjoy the gags and think my comedic timing is well crafted. Perhaps these culvert Yeti will find their way into an original comic or fiction  from me some day.


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