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When Rodney Met Dickie is complete


I finished and posted on Wednesday the final installment of When Rodney Met Dickie.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

When Rodney Met Dickie is part of the Special Edition project at The main story of Special Edition is told in the online comics. The serialized fiction tells peripheral stories involving characters featured in the comics, mainly members of the various gangs that inhabit the Tax Free Zone. When Rodney Met Dickie introduces the Bingo Ladies, one of said gangs, and the 50s-style street gang greasers that serve as the Bingo Ladies’ underlings. Both gangs will be seen again in The Bathroom Attendant, one of the comics being worked on for Season 2 of Special Edition.

The first part of When Rodney Met Dickie was written in July 2009. After a lengthy hiatus, I returned to the material and wrote and published parts 2 and 3 in November. Part 2 and 3 were difficult to write. I lost the narrative voice I had used in part 1. It was a struggle to find it again. As a result, part 2 went through several re-writes. In fact, I made small changes to it yesterday when I posted part 3.

The final installment was difficult too. I knew how the story was going to end– the ending was one of the first elements I wrote in my notebook when I started plotting the story in mid-July. I also knew I wanted part 3 to build upon the tension that had started to grow in part 2. I spent considerable time editing part 3, trimming and rewriting wherever I let the tension subside.

I read the whole story again this morning and am pleased with how it turned it. It took me a while to get it to where I wanted it to be but I believe I succeeded. I hope you agree. Enjoy.


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