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Lettering Completed


Click on the image above to see one of the completed panels from The Three Princes. This is one of my favorite panels drawn by Manoel Magalhães. The lettering is by Ed Brisson.

The talented Ed Brisson has been hard at work lettering the stories that will appear in our planned crime comics anthology. One of these stories is The Three Princes.

I received the lettered pages over the holiday season. It has been six months or more since I looked at the artwork and even longer than that since I read the script. Seeing and reading the finished pages was quite the experience. The words and art were definitely familiar and yet I never realized until I read those finished pages just how professional The Three Princes looks and reads. It is a solid piece of work. It has rekindled my interest in the characters. I filled a few pages in my notebook the other day with ideas for other stories involving the characters and setting seen in The Three Princes.

I think the crime comics anthology will find an audience because of the quality of the stories within. All the creators involved are very excited. There is already talk of a second volume, but we are trying to stay focused on the task at hand, which is completing the first.


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