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Where is Black Salt #2?


If you follow my blog or my work in general you may recall I said Black Salt #2 would be available at on January 4, 2010. It is now February 2 and Black Salt #2 is still not available. You might be wondering why. I recently received an update from Blackline Comics, publisher of Black Salt.

Black Salt #2 was completed in early December. The finished comic was uploaded to ComicsXP before the end of 2009. Word is ComicsXP was (and perhaps still is) moving office space and thus their release schedule has been seriously delayed. ComicsXP hopes to have everything sorted soon though no specific date was given. So, you have to keep waiting. Thanks for your patience.

Despite the delay with the release of issue #2, production on issue #3 got started in early January. (You will recall I completed the script before the December holidays.) Artist J.C. Grande turned in sketches of new characters introduced in the new issue. Those were approved and last week he turned in proofs of pages 2 – 5.

Here is a little treat to tide you over until the release of issue #2…

Characters from Black Salt #3

Some new characters are introduced in Black Salt #3. Three of those are pictured above. From left to right: Researcher, Agent Burch, and Agent Beck. The character sketches are by J.C. Grande.


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