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Dark Art update


My previous post about Dark Art generated some enthusiastic response so I thought I would provide an update. Artist Adam Sward has been working on it and I am very pleased with the results. He started with a series of thumbnail sketches to show how he would approach the story. After some back and forth discussion, he got started on pencils, and then moved onto finished pages. As of earlier this week, I’ve seen seven of the eight pages. I thought you might like a look into the creative process…

All art by Adam Sward

What you see above is the evolution of page 2 panel 2.

(top left) Adam began with a series of thumbnails, small sketches to show how he would approach the artwork. These thumbnails were small and accompanied by notes describing why he did what he did. For page 2 and page 1, he sent more than one thumbnail.

(right) Pencils were next. Comparing the thumbnail with the pencils you can see Adam changed the perspective. I didn’t want the doorway to be so prominent in the panel so he came up with the concept you see in the pencils. I really like the positioning of the characters. This panel is the establishing shot that introduces the reader to the characters and the setting so it was important that he include all the key things I wanted shown. He nailed it.

(bottom left) A low resolution look at the final panel (without lettering and with some minor cropping). You can see that not much has changed from the pencils.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the completed Dark Art some time later this year when published. Stay tuned to this blog for more info.


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