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Acts of Violence

Acts of Violence: A Crime Comics Anthology is listed in the April edition of Previews on page 299 under New Reliable Press. The order code is APR101035. Head to your local comic shop and ask them to order you a copy.

Mike Carey, writer of The Unwritten, Hellblazer, and Lucifer, had this to say about Acts of Violence: “A dark, rich anthology. There are acts of violence in profusion: also addictions, betrayals, uneasy consciences, moral ambiguities, bad choices and inadequate redemptions. Most importantly of all, there are strong creative voices, using the comics medium to do ambitious things.”

Featuring the talents of Toren Atkinson, Ed Brisson, Chad Boudreau, Dino Caruso, Damian Couceiro, Todd Ireland, Kevin Leeson, Manoel Magalhaes, and Marvin Mann and cover art by Fiona Staples, Acts of Violence unveils a roster of new voices in hard-boiled crime comics.

Check out a 20-page preview of Acts of Violence.


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