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Free Comic Book Day Event


I was at the Downtown and South ComicReaders in Regina, SK on May 1 as part of Free Comic Book Day. I was selling and signing copies of Acts of Violence, Special Edition volume 1, IF-X #9 and A Thousand Faces.

My day started at the south store where I met many great people, including some old friends, and two writer / artists who are part of a creative collective that produces and publishes Valuable Comics here in Regina. Another highlight was meeting Jason Sylvestre, another local comic creator whose comic Jason of New York City  is currently competing in Small Press Idol 2010. It’s a great comic so check out Small Press Idol 2010 and cast your vote for Jason of New York City.

I moved to the downtown store for the afternoon, where I chatted with even more people. All in all, it was a great day for me and comics in general because Free Comic Book Day is a great way for readers to get exposed to new titles and genres within comics.

My table at the South ComicReaders.

(left to right) Jason Sylvestre and I. Check out Jason's comic Jason of New York City at Small Press Idol 2010. Give him your vote too!

Darcy (left) is one of the creators responsible for Valuable Comics, which is produced and published in Regina by Saskatchewan comics creators.

Greg (left) and Dana (right) are the big-wigs at ComicReaders. The opportunity for me to be at FCBD is thanks to them.


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