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Acts of Violence in stores now

Acts of Violence

Acts of Violence

Canadian comic shops that ordered Acts of Violence from our distributor, Diamond, have copies in stock as of June 2, 2010. American comic shops will have Acts of Violence on June 3, 2010. If you want a copy but your comic store isn’t carrying it they should be able to order it for you, or you can buy it from our publisher’s online store.

The creators of the anthology (me included) would love to hear your thoughts on the book. We can be reached via the Acts of Violence Web site or you can contact me through this blog.

I have a sense of closure now that the book is widely available in comic shops. To think we started this project almost two years ago! I replied to Ed Brisson’s post on August 15, 2008. I don’t have the post on file, but here was the email I wrote to express my interest in his crime comics project:

“I saw your post on and got very excited. The genre of crime appeals to me, but what got me really excited was the overall contents your post—an experienced writer and maker of comics looking for collaborative partners, especially writers, and you just so happen to be Canadian. (I’m in Saskatchewan.) I’ve been on the look out for opportunities to collaborate with others. I feel I’ve also proven to myself that I can be dedicated to a project through to the end. I wrote, hired an art team, and managed a 96-page graphic novel through to completion. I self-published it. Anyway, I’m interested in learning more. Let me know if you have any questions for me.”

Ed got back to me five days later, we continued the conversation via email and the rest, as they say, is history.


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