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Colonel is finished


Potential cover art for Colonel

On June 6, Manoel Magalhaes sent me the finished pages of Colonel. This is a 56-page science fiction graphic novel created by Manoel and Osmarco Valladao. It is a great book, featuring fantastic artwork by Manoel and a rich color palette by Osmarco. The two men developed the story together.

Manoel, you may recall, was the artist on The Three Princes, my contribution to the Acts of Violence anthology. He and I kept in touch after our work was finished on that project. Manoel is a talented, hard-working artist, and a great guy in general.

In the latter part of 2008, Manoel sent me pages of Colonel. The book wasn’t finished yet, but it was well on its way. The story grabbed me immediately, as did the artwork and colors.  I gave him my positive feedback, but also mentioned I noticed a number of grammar and word use errors. Osmarco and Manoel’s first language isn’t English, so they appreciated the feedback. I offered to lend a hand as an editor of sorts, massaging dialogue, fixing grammar, etc.

From time to time in 2009, I edited pages, and Manoel and Osmarco worked on completing the book. It was around this time too I suggested Manoel contact Blackline Comics to pitch them Colonel. He did. They liked it. The details of the book’s release are currently being finalized.

I read the whole book from cover to cover on June 7. A handful of small, final changes are needed, but it’s a solid book. It’s a great read and is going to pop in print form. It’s that good-looking.

For me personally, it was a treat to follow the development of this graphic novel. For me professionally, I get an editor credit on a graphic novel that should have no trouble finding an audience among science fiction fans.

Stay tuned for more updates, including a release date.


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