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Black Salt Update


My last post about Black Salt was in February 2010. At that time, the creative team was working on issue #3 and we were waiting for issue #2 to become available online. A lot has happened since February…

Black Salt is no longer at Blackline Comics. There were a number of reasons for this. The details aren’t that important so I’ll just say the parting was mutual. Owen Ratliff, creator of Black Salt, has been looking for an online distributor and a publisher that would be willing to publish the print version of Black Salt.

– Ed Brisson is back on Black Salt as letterer. He lettered issue #1, but then Mike DeLepine of Blackline Comics took over lettering chores for issue #2 and #3. With Black Salt and Blackline parting ways, Ed is back on letters. He has re-lettered issue #2 and has lettered issue #3.

– Issue #3 is complete. J.C. Grande finished the artwork a few months ago, and Santosh Kumar Rath turned in the colors. Ed was back on lettering duty, so he did the lettering this summer.

– Issue #4 has been written. The 22-page script was approved yesterday (August 29).

– Script writing for issue #5 will begin in a couple days. I’m taking a couple days off to work on a project I’m doing with Manoel Magalhaes, who you will remember as the artist on The Three Princes, and then I’ll get started on issue #5 of Black Salt.


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  1. Dino Caruso says:

    Hiya Chad.
    Great that you’re involved in such cool projects. Can’t wait to check them out!

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