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Announcing Fire & Brimstone


I am one-half of the creative team of Fire & Brimstone, a new Web comic debuting on in early 2011. My partner in creative crime is Owen Gieni, an artist with numerous credits to his name, including the Web comics Sore Thumbs (now in its sixth year) and WickedPowered on

Owen and I both live and create in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is the first time I have worked with an artist living in the same city as me. I’ve worked with people from various corners of the world, communicating through email and Skype, but never having a chance to sit down across a table and look them in the eyes while we develop an idea. This first is a big thrill for me.

Owen and I met eight or more years ago when Owen was just dipping his toes into the comics industry. I went to my local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day. Owen was there signing copies of a preview of Landis, a series he was illustrating. I wasn’t a writer at this time. Sure, I dabbled in creative writing but it would be a few more years before I started focusing on my writing, taking it seriously and trying to get something published. Anyway, I thought Owen was pretty darn cool– a local guy drawing comics. Awesome.

When I finally did start writing comics and after I had some success, I caught wind that Owen was still in Regina and that he was a full-time comic artist. This was a bit of community gossip but I eventually found out it was the truth. We swapped Facebook pleasantries, but left it at that for many months. As luck would have it, we both started craving a local collaboration– the desire to be face-to-face with someone, drinking beverages, and hammering out ideas in real-time. In the summer of 2010, we started talking about getting together to talk about being comic creators, but it would be a few more months before we actually sat down to talk. By then Owen had expressed interest in working on something together, which was music to my ears. Owen was a big success in my eyes and a very talented chap so I was hoping we could work together some day.

We met in early September outside a local coffee shop. We met outside because the shop was not yet open. We hoofed it down to a bagel shop, where we got coffee and comfortable in deep arm chairs. We talked for almost two hours, about creating comics and the ups and downs of our careers to date. (Owen impressed the hell out of me with his list of credits.) He then pitched me some ideas and I tossed in a few of my own. We walked away from that meeting both buzzing about a mind tidbit of Owen’s that would eventually become Fire & Brimstone.

And that, folks, is how it began.

As with all my projects, stay tuned to this blog for development updates.


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