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Fire & Brimstone: Birth of a Title


Owen and I both suck at coming up with titles for projects. Well, “suck” is a harsh word, but it certainly isn’t our strongest creative muscle. A title is usually the last thing I assign for a story or comic on which I am working. I think it’s because I need to know the story inside and out before I pick a title and that understanding doesn’t usually happen until I am completely finished my research, planning and script writing. Owen focuses so much on the visual that the title is one of the last things on his mind.

A couple of days after Owen and I met at the bagel shop, Owen let Chris Crosby of Keenspot know what we were working on. Owen and Chris are co-creators of Sore Thumbs, which has been running on for six years. They’ve collaborated on other Web comics, too, including WickedPowered. Having heard the details of our upcoming Web comic, Chris suggested the main character be a redhead and that he be nicknamed “Firetop” or “Firecrotch”. He then suggested the other main character be named “Brimstone” and thus the title could be “Fire & Brimstone.

None of us were in love with the title but we agreed to use it as a “working title” until we thought of something better. Two weeks of using the title to describe the project and we started to like it. We first heard the title “Fire & Brimstone” on September 10. In an email to Owen on September 25, I wrote, “And I think Fire & Brimstone has stuck with me. I’ve not yet thought of anything better.” Owen agreed and it became the official title.

And that, folks, is how the creative process works sometimes.


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