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Synchronicity is a 128-page full color graphic novel Manoel Magalhães, Osmarco Valladão, and I have been working on together for most of 2010.

It was two years or more ago when Manoel first showed me pages from Synchronicity. It was his artwork and Osmarco’s colors, working from an idea that originated with Manoel and a partial script put together by another writer. I don’t know when Manoel came up with the original idea, but the script and the resulting pages were a few years old when I saw them. I gave praise and feedback. I thought it had great potential and wished them the best.

Fast forward a year or more. Acts of Violence was finished and in comic stores. The publication of the book had Manoel and I corresponding again. He was finishing up a sci-fi graphic novel called Colonel, which I’ve talked about on my blog before. Around this same time, I asked about Synchronicity. Turns out the writer moved on to other projects and Manoel was trying to finish the graphic novel by writing as well as doing art. I agreed to take a look.

I felt the story still had potential. After reading what he sent, I asked Manoel a number of questions. I then made some suggestions as to how the story could be enhanced. He liked my ideas and shortly thereafter I was the new writer, taking the original ideas and shaping them into something more complex in regards to both plot and character arcs.

The development of Synchronicity has been a rewarding experience. The three of us are very proud of what we’ve created. We’re going to shop it around soon.


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