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Dark Art gets published


Dark Art is a short horror comic I wrote and Adam Sward drew back in early to mid 2010. Originally slated to appear in a horror anthology in 2010, Dark Art went into limbo when that anthology stopped publishing. A second anthology emerged from the ashes of the first and Dark Art was going to appear in its pages but that anthology never saw the light of day. This was frustrating because I thought Adam and I did a great job on this piece and I wanted everyone to see it. When I hatched the idea for The Grim Collection in the summer of 2011 I knew Dark Art was going to be one of comics published soon after the launch. And it was. Dark Art was published on The Grim Collection in September 2011.

But Dark Art was also accepted into the 2011 Halloween edition of IF-X. I received my 30 copies of that edition today. It’s a great looking book and Dark Art looks fantastic within. I will be selling this issue of IF-X at Central Canadian Comic-Con in October 2011.

It took more than a year, but it feels good to have Dark Art available to the public.


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