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Lots of comics but none of my own


I am still here.

The first part of the title of this post refers to me becoming the owner of a comic shop. Yes, as of January 1, 2012, I am part-owner of ComicReaders Downtown in Regina, SK. I am surrounded by and get to talk about comics (and gaming) on a daily basis.

This new endeavour (a major life change, as you can well imagine) has shook up my schedule and as such I have been away from writing for a number of months. I plan to remedy that over the summer.

The second half of the title of this post refers to the fact that I have no new finished comic work and, indeed, any finished comic work I have previously written about on this blog has not yet found a publisher. I also have to report that three short comics being drawn for The Grim Collection have fallen by the wayside. Other committments are keeping the artists away, even my long-time collaborator, Adam Sward. Another ripple in the water is that Friar & Brimstone has not been updated in more than a month. Artist Owen Gieni, too, is tied up with other commitments.

The goal with my writing was to build on each success. That building has ground to a halt. I would argue that some of my forward momentum has been lost. In my darker days, I would argue that I now sit at the bottom once again and am looking up at a climb I might not have the strength to make.

As a result of this, I have been thinking long and hard about why I write. Why do I want to write? That is the question for which I seek an answer. If I can find that answer I think I will know how to best begin the next phase of my writing.


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