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Dust off the blog


And so another year begins and I’ve asked myself to be more productive in 2017 on the writing front. This is not to say I did not write anything in 2016. In fact, if I take a moment and reflect I should be able to see that I did indeed pen a considerable amount of content for a guy with a young family, a business, and hobbies I am not ashamed of enjoying. In the coming days, I’ll type a few hundred words about each, but the short form goes a little something like this:

  • 40K campaign blog
  • D&D and other RPGs
  • The Grim Collection
  • Aces Weekly

But when reflecting I tend to focus on what I did not do and not what I did, and on the specific topic of writing I spend too much time thinking of that promise I made to myself ten years ago as I was approaching 30 years on Earth. I had told myself I would get published by the time I hit that milestone. And I did it! I wrote, produced and self-published the graphic novel Psychosis. The next five years saw me taking on new projects– comics and short fiction– getting published, self-publishing, and, admittedly, working on projects that got shelved for one reason or another. The next five years after those first five years were less successful and way less productive. Sure, ideas and snippets of work got put into notebooks and some stories and comics half-materialized via the keyboard, but the actual finished material was sorrily lacking. A particularly hard kick-in-the-nuts came a couple days before Christmas one year when I was dismissed from a children’s chapter book I had been hired to write. That was then followed up by an even bigger blow when my mom died of cancer in January 2015.

Mom’s death destroyed me and I certainly feel I am still recovering from that shock and loss. To a much lesser degree I think I am still creatively recovering from the dismissal from the children’s book. I am not one of those writers who only writes for himself. A large part of me writes to gain recognition, praise and acceptance from other people. It is one of the reasons why I’ve more recently thrown a lot of effort into crafting short fiction for a series of interconnected games of Warhammer 40K and will spend hours planning and writing multi-sessions campaigns for D&D and other RPGs. I get immediate feedback in a D&D session, and my 40K pals have said the short fiction has added immensely to their enjoyment of the game. The only other time I’ve felt that same energy is when I did signings at the local comic store or was at Cons promoting and selling my work. I’d love to be on the other side of the Con table again, but I’ll need to produce more new material first.

Which is why I now need to end this first blog post of 2017. I am once again working with Manoel Magalhaes– a name you might recognize from Acts of Violence, Synchronicity, The Colonel and The Orphan. He asked me to work with him on a short comic for Aces Weekly. This blog post was my warm-up. Now it is time to turn to script writing.


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