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As mentioned yesterday, the new comic Manoel Magalhaes is working on for The Grim Collection was put on hold a few months ago when Manoel asked me to work with him on an even more exciting project. I am now proud to reveal the details of that project.

Manoel asked me to work with him on a 21-page comic for Aces Weekly, which is the award-winning, exclusively digital-delivery comic magazine published by David Lloyd. Past contributors include industry veterans such as David Lloyd, Phil Hester, John McCrea, and David Hine, but also a variety of other writers and artists. Manoel had already been published in Aces Weekly so he has a relationship with the publication. Manoel pitched our idea (and me) to Lloyd and in late 2016 we received approval and were given a publication date.

I am, therefore, so excited to tell you that “Found” written by me and drawn by Manoel will be published in the May 29 edition of Aces Weekly.

Here is a look at some of the characters in our 21-page sci-fi contribution to Aces Weekly. These are sketches from Manoel.


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